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Laser Dentistry


Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers allow us to offer our patients a more direct and less invasive methods of treatment for a variety of dental conditions, including gum disease and removal of excess gum tissue. Laser technology greatly reduces trauma to the tissue which translates to minimal procedural sensitivity, in most cases eliminating the need for numbing.  Reduced trauma and precision also result in much faster and improved healing.

Gemini Laser

The Gemini Laser, by Ultradent, is the first dual wavelength soft tissue laser as well as the most powerful. Dual wavelength technology allows for optimal melanin and water absorption reducing tissue trauma and improving healing. The Gemini is also the most powerful soft tissue laser which allows for greater bacterial elimination and reduced procedural time. For certain procedures, the design and power of the laser tip allow us to reach and treat areas below the gums which previously would require surgical opening, improving patient experience and surgical outcome by reducing invasiveness.


Gemini Photo Biomodulation (PBM)

The Gemini PBM adapter allows for the use of the laser on extraoral surfaces (surfaces outside of the mouth) for pain management therapy. Photo biomodulation acts by allowing light energy to be absorbed at cellular level improving circulation, oxygenation, and enzyme activity. This can be used to reduce pain and swelling from an infection, as well as muscle spasms and strains associated with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), by increasing your own cellular activity without any incision (non-invasive procedure).


Common procedural uses of the Gemini Laser:

  • ·Treatment of gum disease by removal and elimination of bacterial prone pockets

  • Removal of excess gum tissue to treat “gummy smile”

  • Shaping gum line in conjunction with cosmetic procedures such as veneers for improved esthetics

  • Frenuloplasty: removal of the frenulum (frenectomy), band of tissue that connects the lips and/or tongue to the gums, to allow for easier movement for improved speech and smile.

  •  Pain management for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and infections


Benefits of dental laser procedures:

  • Minimally invasive (non-invasive when using it for extraoral procedures with PBM adapter)

  • Improved and faster healing

  • Faster procedural time

  • Less bleeding and no stitches

  • Can be used in conjunction with several dental procedures to improve clinical results 

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